Herman Liebman Memorial Fund – Board of Directors Bios

Ed Yaker, President was born and raised in the Amalgamated (1944). He was first elected to serve on the Amalgamated Board in December 1977. There were three years that he was not on the Board. Ed is the Treasurer of the Amalgamated Board. Ed’s been active in the co-op and other co-op organizations for more than forty years.

Murray Citron, Vice President has been a Park Reservoir Housing Cooperator since 1991. He has been a Park Reservoir Board Member since 2014, currently serving as Treasurer and Chairman of their Service Committee. Murray also serves as a member on the Joint Community Activities Committee and the NORC Advisory Committee for seniors at Amalgamated-Park Reservoir.

Brad Silver, Vice President has lived in the Amalgamated all his life, except for two years right after college. Brad serves as Vice President on the Herman Liebman Board of Directors. He is the Executive Vice President of the Bronx Jewish Community Council. He created the NORC Supportive Services Program for Seniors at Amalgamated-Park Reservoir.

Jack Spiegel, Treasurer has been living in the Amalgamated Housing Cooperative for over 43 years. Jack has been active in the co-op at various events and activities. He is an Amalgamated Board Member, and he serves as President on the Board of A. H. Consumers Society.

Howard Kamiel, Secretary moved into the Amalgamated on November 22, 1970. Howie has served on the Amalgamated Board of Directors for fifteen years; he is currently the Board President. He also serves on the Board of A. H. Consumers Society, Inc.

Herman Liebman Memorial Fund – Staff

Charles M. Zsebedics, ARM has been working for Amalgamated Housing Corporation since June 2011. He is the General Manager of Amalgamated Housing Corporation, Park Reservoir Housing Corporation, A. H. Consumers Society, Inc., and the Herman Liebman Memorial Fund.

Wendy Cosgrove, Finance Manager also works for the Amalgamated, Park Reservoir, A. H. Consumers, Inc., and the Herman Liebman Memorial Fund. She has been employed at the co-op since March 1999, minus five years when she worked elsewhere. Wendy has lived in the Amalgamated since May 2001.

Ilyssa Gillman, Executive Director  became the Education Director for Amalgamated and Park Reservoir Housing in November 2022. She grew up in the Amalgamated and is still a Cooperator.